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There is a massive growth in the Podcasting Industry with around 750,000 registered Podcasts worldwide. In the US alone, 90 million people listen to Podcasts on a regular basis. That means Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing mediums for consuming content.
Podcasting is the perfect vehicle to help you gain greater influence in your niche. Allowing people to hear you talk about your mission and vision humanizes your brand and instantly makes you more trustable, while associating your name with a well-known Podcast in your target industry will multiply your brand’s credibility and awareness.
Getting on the right Podcasts that's got audiences filled with qualified leads of your dream customers will guarantee you get more sales and grow your business.
How Can We Help You?
We help you grow your business by getting you booked on Podcasts filled with targeted audiences of qualified leads and your dream customers. We also help you save time by taking care of the entire process from research, to outreach, to pitching, to finalizing bookings. And if you are a Podcaster looking to book Experts for your show, we've got you covered too.
About Podcast Unite
My name is Chrisjan and I'm the Founder of Podcast Unite. I've learned from and worked with an 8 figure online education and services business called Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH). Stephen Summers from MPSH has appeared on more than 100 Podcast shows himself. As a direct result of these Podcast appearances, they have seen an exponential increase in exposure, influence, and sales. At Podcast Unite, we want to achieve the same levels of success for your business and brand.

Our only goal is to bring you more business and exposure to your dream customer base. We do this by booking you on high-quality, reputable Podcasts so you can share your mission and vision with thousands of targeted listeners. 

We therefore see ourselves as a Growth Agent for your business. Ultimately our mission is to help you grow your business, by connecting your goals with the right shows.
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